The weekend of October I2-13 brought both beautiful weather and some beautiful Chevys to the picturesque Ocean Trail Retreat, just outside the popular tourist destinations of Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. Although the numbers attending this annual event do not compare with the crowds of years past, a decent turnout of members, past members, and guests dropped in for all or aprt of the activities, and a good time was had by all. The Classic Chevy vehicles were represented by Harold and Deborah Jardine's "conservatively" flamed 'S5, and Dave and Camie Inness' 'S7 210, with other Chevys from the `40's, `60's, `70's and `80's also in attendance. In the "Dare To Be Different" category we had Merlin and AnnMarie Dorey's '70 Jaguar as well as Tom and Pat Harmes "just purchased" 'S8 Oldsmobile (which has more chrome than I've seen on one car in quite a while!)

On Saturday afternoon we cruised to nearby Lunenburg far a late lunch on the deck of a great seafood restaurant, while enjoying the view and amusing ourselves with the site of busloads of tourists checking out our cars in the lot below. Later that evening we had a BBQ back at the club's chalet, and later yet we had a charity auction which provided money for the Christmas Fund. The next morning we had a continental breakfast in the chalet, followed by a club meeting.

All in all it was a fun time, which I'm sure was enjoyed by all who attended. Maybe next year we can convince a few more members to show up, though. After all; the more the merrier! !

(Above) Three participant cars at the Lunenburg waterfront: Jeff Kempton's '69 Camaro, Rick Merrill's '64 Chevelle, and Harold Jardine's 'S5 210.
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