Fall Outing 08
Truro, Nova Scotia

Story & photos by Gary Porter

The Classic Chevy Club has been having an annual get together since 1984. Back then we organized our “Classic Chevy Weekend”, held early in July. This was a more elaborate affair generally following the convention style format with a busy schedule of activities and a judged show and shine. This was popular for a number of years. In our second year we recorded our peak attendance of 57 Tri-five Chevys. However, for a variety of reasons attendance declined each year. By 1990 we were getting less than 30 Classics and it was decided to scale back the event.

In 1992, in additional to our Classic Chevy Weekend, we decided to hold a less structured, more social, type of event at the end of the car season. The Fall Outing, as it has become known, was born and has become a regular event on our calendar ever since.

Our last Classic Chevy Weekend to be held in July was in 1993, leaving the Fall Outing (also sometimes still called the Classic Chevy Weekend) as our only annual event. Besides the social aspect of the weekend gathering, it has evolved into a fund raiser for the charities that we support each year.

This year, the Palliser in Truro was the host hotel. Although it is billed as a one night event, arriving on Friday for an extra evening of socializing has become popular and this year was no exception. About 20 or so members ( ten memberships) arrived on September 12. The weather cooperated with a nice evening and gave everyone a chance to relax, catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

For those who arrived on Friday, Saturday morning provided an opportunity to give the car a clean-up, do a little shopping or just recuperate from Friday night. By noon more members arrived. In total, there were 29 memberships (about 55 members), 12 Classic Chevys and 11 other Camaros, Chevelles and GM products. More than half of the members with 25 or more years in the club were there along with several who have recently joined. Four members, Kevin and Tracey Jones (55 210 two door) and George and Patricia Piercey (‘56 Bel Air sport coupe) came over from P.E.I. to take part in the activities. Nobody from New Brunswick made it, though. However, with out a doubt, our long distance attendees were Wayne and Sharon Conrod (‘55 210 sedan) who came all the way from Nicholosville, Kentucy, some 1,600 miles, to participate.

Although we try to make this a laid back, not too structured event, there are always a few regular activities. The ladies penny auction takes place in the early afternoon. The club then sponsors an all you can eat pizza feast. With full stomachs, the auction takes place. Members either donate items to be auctioned or solicit donations from local businesses to be auctioned off. Doug Fulmore once again, ably handled the auctioneering duties with Tammy keeping track of winning bids. The auction lasted over two hours, giving you an idea of how many things were there to purchase. More socializing followed with Mo’s ‘67 El Camino providing the sound system for all to enjoy.

Sunday dawned, again with no rain. We were able to hold our regular monthly meeting outside. Once that wrapped up, it was time for us to say our good byes to those heading home. Some of us then went to Debert for a guided tour of the “Diefenbunker”, a bomb shelter of the cold war era. While Canada did not feel it was a prime target of the Soviet, the shelter was primarily a haven from the fallout of a nuclear attack on the eastern U.S.

The rain finally came as we made our way home.

This was probably the best Fall Outing we have had. Attendance, both members and cars was very good, the weather was good, and we managed to raise, through the auctions, draws and raffles, almost $2,700.00 for our charity fund.