Member’s Feature - 1973 Camaro Type LT
Doug and Tammy Fulmore, Member #235
Fall River, Nova Scotia

by Gary Porter
Doug and Tammy Fulmore are second generation Classic Chevy Club members. Doug is the son of former members Burt and Lou Fulmore, so there is no question why Doug is a Chevy guy. Doug and Tammy joined the club in June 2003 and have been active members ever since. Tammy has been club secretary since 2004, while Doug has been the vice-president since 2005. Doug has also become the club auctioneer at our Fall Outing. Tammy ably assists by keeping track of all those generous bids.
Doug and Tammy own a 1973 Camaro Type LT. 1973 was the first year for the Type LT model, which stands for Luxury Touring. The LT package added $396.00 to the Camaro’s base price. For this you got a 175 horse power 350, variable ratio power steering, black rocker panel and body accents, sport mirrors, Rally wheels, woodgrain dashboard, deluxe upholstery, a full set of instruments and considerably more insulation than the base model Camaro. 32,327 Type LT Camaros were produced in 1973 which was approximately one third of Camaro production for that year. New bumper-impact regulations also came into effect in 1973. Chevrolet managed to meet the new regulations while retaining the appearance of the 70-72 Camaro. However, this was the last year for the traditional front bumper and round tail lights as Government impact regulations became even stricter for 1974.

This Camaro started it life in British Columbia. When it rolled off the assembly line, it was orange with a white vinyl top, black and white hounds’ tooth interior and the standard LT second generation 14" rally wheels. It eventually found its way to Nova Scotia and, interestingly enough, spent some time in Economy, where Doug’s mom and dad live.

Having had several Camaros dating back to high school, when the time came to purchase something for fun drives and show and shines, another Camaro was the logical choice. Doug found this one advertised for sale in the Auto Seller by a finance company in Amherst. One man’s bad luck is another man’s good fortune and the then blue ‘73 LT Camaro became the property of Doug and Tammy.

Five years have now passed and the Camaro has gone from a repo to a keeper. The original wheels have been swapped for a set of 15" G.M. second generation Z-28 five spoke wheels wrapped in B.F. Goodrich T.A.’s. The Camaro now sports mile deep black paint. Doug’s brother and fellow club member, Mike Fulmore gets the credit for getting the Camaro laser straight and applying the black paint and contrasting Z-28 style stripes in fusion orange, a new G.M. colour. Originally equipped with the larger three-piece spoiler, it has been replaced with the smaller one courtesy of former club member, the late Kenny Wentzell.
By the time Doug and Tammy became the owners of the Camaro, the original hounds’ tooth upholstery had seen better days. Robert Downey of Cole Harbour got the nod to recover the seats in black vinyl. This should ensure many years of comfortable cruising.
A freshened up .030 over 350 with Edelbrock carburetor and Ebay sourced valve covers occupy the clean and tidy engine compartment. The transmission is the ever popular TH350.
With the big stuff done, headers or stereo improvements could be in the future. However, for certain, future plans are to just enjoy the car and take in as many events and club activities as possible.